Multi Assistance
Resource Centers Inc.

About Us

MARC is a peer-run organization which strengthens families, helps in growing a sustainable regional economy, cultivates leadership and philanthropy, and fosters respect for citizens. As a resource center, we improve the quality of life in New York by ensuring that every New Yorker has access to resources in crisis prevention, intervention and response. We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to access relevant resources and  trusted support when life gets tough.

The purpose of Multi Assistance Resource Centers is to facilitate delivery of social and public health services to qualified clients provided by nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Such as applying for nutrition assistance in getting meals or groceries, medical and mental health services delivery, transportation to doctors’ appointments and one-time financial payments for living expenses like rent and utilities.


We are on a mission to unlock the potential of the people of New York City and to build and sustain healthy communities.

Our full suite of services delivered through our resource center in New York is designed to strengthen the fabric of worn and distressed communities, bridge opportunity gaps, and equip underserved people with the tools for success. Through a focus on both intervention and prevention, we help anyone struggling to meet basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter while providing job readiness training and placement, health, and wellness education, and much more. Our ultimate goal is to help people lead a good life as we rebuild and restore strong communities by cultivating health, happiness, and harmony.

To allow the homeless, mentally ill, and formerly incarcerated to lead a normal life again will require more than the pity they are offered, and that is why we have created Multi Assistance Resource Centers, a peer-run organization, to provide the vulnerable individuals with every resource, and empowerment they will need to lead a good life. Multi Assistance Resource Centers is dedicated to using strategies, processes, and approaches to cultivate breakthrough thinking and action that are research-based and context-appropriate. We are at the forefront of enhancing the lives of our beneficiaries paying particular attention to the quality of each of our services.

We make sure that research is always carried out to know how we can improve our initiative as well as the quality of each of our programs as a resource center. Our sources of revenue are complemented with the provision of the best strategies with which our services could be carried out without necessarily expending our purse.

Multi Assistance Resource Centers is not limited to operating in Harlem as we aim to service the entire New York state, and welcome clients from other states as well.

Our Core Values


We believe that integrity is the essential factor to build trust and a grounded foundation.


We are flexible and adapt to every situation presented to us. As much as we create the right atmosphere to work, we also flow with the tides.


We are bold to handle circumstances and challenges. We approach each of our programs with much confidence, an act that makes us deliver nothing short of the best in the initiative.


We always strive to perform the right thing. We are proactive and put the needs of others first.


We promote and nurture self-love, to help people gain a better understanding of their individual personal worth.


We are dedicated to supporting others to fulfill their aspirations.

Making a Difference

We are bent on ensuring the betterment of society at large. Our impact is always felt, and we intend to make a difference in the life of each client.


We are onward bound at Multi Assistance Resource Centers. We are committed to growing in all regards and positioning ourselves to be the leader in our line of operation.


We welcome all with a showing of equitable treatment and non-discrimination. This includes staff, volunteers, participants, and everyone else involved.


We provide space for decision-making, valuing others' opinions.


Here at Multi Assistance Resource Centers, we always keep the passion for our work burning. We are dogged to ensure a win-win situation for our beneficiaries and us.


We work closely with our clients and ensure their cooperation in each of our classes, as this is a requirement for positive results.