Multi Assistance
Resource Centers Inc.

Our Accomplishments

Statistics To Date:

277 Crisis calls

13 Domestic Violence

7 Young gang out

6 Foster care age out

6 Emergency rescues

9 Emergency relocations

72 Legal/Housing referrals

141 Community Outreach, Education, Awareness – Workshops and Events

Program Accomplishments:

Case Management

MARC offers programs that help people obtain the healthcare, social support, and educational opportunities they require. Locating, coordinating, and keeping track of the delivery of relevant services may all benefit from the use of case management. It can be used to steer participants in the direction of more reasonably priced medical treatments by recommending qualified specialists. Non-medical services that are essential to the individual’s optimal functioning may be coordinated through case management as well. These may include vocational rehabilitation, education, and employment.

Family and Children Preservation Services

By focusing on the family as a whole, MARC is able to help families become more resilient and provide their children with the best chance of success in life. The ideas of family self-sufficiency include family empowerment and engagement, an emphasis on strengths, and community-based support. Protecting children from domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect, and ensuring their ongoing safety and well-being are all possible through MARC family-centered services.

Crisis Support Services 

MARC’s crisis support services are short-term interventions provided in the event of a mental health crisis or other crises that presents an immediate and substantial risk to the participant and/or others.

Targeted Prevention Service 
MARC’s targeted prevention programs aim to change attitudes and behaviors, increase skills and competencies, and/or raise knowledge and resiliency among designated at-risk populations by providing information, education, and programming.
Brief Services 
MARC brief services, like counseling and therapy services, aim to alleviate our participants’ emotional, social, behavioral, and self-regulation difficulties, but last for a shorter period. “Quick access” (often up to six sessions of therapy) is the hallmark of brief services, which are designed to meet the participants’ urgent or pressing requirements.

Counselling and Therapy Services 
Participants in MARC’s counseling and therapy programs engage in a sequence of interventions designed to ameliorate their emotional, social, behavioral, and self-regulation difficulties. Family, cultural, and community values are taken into account when delivering services.
Family/Caregiver Capacity Building and Support 
Members of the family (including parents, carers, guardians, siblings, and others) play an essential role in fostering the mental well-being of their children and other family members. Peer support is one option among the many MARC programs aimed at strengthening families and improving their well-being.

Economic Empowerment Services

MARC holds that long-term stability and safety for participants depend on their economic empowerment, self-sufficiency, and the opportunity to undertake meaningful work. MARC’s Economic Empowerment Program (EEP) provides cutting-edge technology and job-readiness training to people experiencing homelessness, poverty, and abuse.